Won to US Dollar Exchange Rate Today

Wednesday, 24-Jul-24 08:27:19 UTC


1 KRW to USD = 0.000722 USD

The Most Popular Conversions from KRW to USD

  • 1500 KRW to USD = 1.08 USD
  • 3000 KRW to USD = 2.17 USD
  • 10000 KRW to USD = 7.22 USD
  • 15000 KRW to USD = 10.83 USD
  • 40000 KRW to USD = 28.88 USD
  • 50000 KRW to USD = 36.10 USD
  • 100000 KRW to USD = 72.20 USD
  • 150000 KRW to USD = 108.30 USD
  • 500000 KRW to USD = 361.00 USD
  • 1000000 KRW to USD = 722.00 USD

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KRW to USD chart (historical graph)

FAQ about Won to US Dollars conversions

How much is 1 Won in US Dollars?

One Won is equal to 0.000722 US Dollars.

How much is 1000 Won in US Dollars?

The value of 1000 KRW is 0.72 USD.

How much is 10000 Won in US Dollars?

The value of 10000 KRW is 7.22 USD.

Use our Won to US Dollar calculator to calculate other currency amounts.

Is South Korean Won a weak or strong currency?

Currently, the won is quite robust, not weak. It's worth noting that the Korean monetary system doesn't use decimals, so a 1000-won note essentially gets you what a dollar would in the U.S.

Despite South Korea's standing as a major global economy, the valuation of its currency is subject to various influences. Beyond economic prowess, trade imbalances, geopolitical tensions, and market speculations contribute to its fluctuations. Government policies and interventions further play a role in shaping the trajectory of the currency.

In the context of the declining strength of the US dollar, it is noteworthy that the South Korean Won has not been able to assert comparable strength. Analysts attribute this phenomenon to the weakening economic fundamentals of South Korea, particularly evident in its trade deficit.

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